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Hall of Allies

We are very proud of our supporters and gladly offer them some space to introduce themselves (in German). Please take also a look into their websites and social media profiles. Thank you!

Just as colourful as our woolly material is our knitting / crochet community. Diversity enriches our everyday lives and our society, I find it essential in a peaceful and respectful interaction with one another. This is exactly what is celebrated every Wednesday at the queerMaschen meetings, where I was lovingly received from the beginning. The passion for wool connects us no matter how different we are. That’s why I’m so much looking forward to supporting YarnPride this year!

To see me „in action“ please look on my Youtube-Channel!

Be the change you want to see! An open, pluralistic society is not automatic, but depends on us all. Therefore Wiederhopf and Wolle is proud to support the YarnPride as a queerMaschen-Ally.

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I love my yarn shop on the Türkenschanzplatz and all the wonderful qualities of wool.

Equally I appreciate my customers, no matter what skin color, gender, nationality – only a respectful approach and our common hobbies – knitting and crocheting – counts.

I am especially happy to be able to support YarnPride with all its diversity for the first time this year.

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The Wollmeile team supports completely knit and wool crazy adventures like YarnPride – we’re crochet and knitting crazy buch!

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We live respect, tolerance, appreciation and mutual inspiration at WolleWien every day.

WolleWien would not be so colourful without this common exchange. With great pleasure and pride we support YarnPride 2019! Join us!!!

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In addition to editorial activities on my film and music festival portal , I create the world of haptic advertising. Whether a suitable promotional item for the rainbow parade must be found or my layout skills for various types of printing are in demand, I am a supporter from the very start. In return I am looking forward to all the garments crocheted / knitted for me by queerMaschen!

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In a time when cowards shape our media image, we find it natural and necessary to celebrate openness, transparency and diversity and bring them into focus.

That’s why we support Yarnpride.

As a member of the (almost) first hour it is natural for me to support these projects of my „family“. Especially in these times I think it is important to show how diversity enriches our society.
For more tolerance, openness and respect!!!

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