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Save the rainbow

A YarnPride campaign
operated by queerMaschen & Allies, upcycled by frysanja

We take care of your vandalized flags!

Particularly in June, when they are most visible, many symbols of the community are attacked and destroyed. This especially affects rainbow flags.

We at queerMaschen, the LGBTQI* association for the promotion of collective handicraft, will not lie down and take it. We want to do our part to save the rainbow. And we’re going to do it the best way we know: By doing handicrafts together.

Send us your torn, cut, scorched rainbow flags and we will lovingly tend to their wounds. And when they are healed, they will be individually upcycled. The resulting unique pieces will then be available in exchange for donations. The net proceeds will be donated to queer charities.*

Together, let’s turn a desecrated flag into lots of little rainbow signals, turn an act of destruction into a donation, and get in touch at

* So far, as part of our annual YarnPride campaign, we have donated to the Courage* Counseling Center, Queer Base,, Ausgesprochen! LGBTIQ*Teachers, FAmOS and AfroRainbowAustria. You can read more hier.

Saved, and taken care of flags

Every piece that was upcycled by frysanja includes the story of the flag, which was processed:

This flag was donated by a Vienna school. A student had set it on fire and so destroyed it.

frysanja cut up the flag into stripes, sewed those together in a new way and so made smaller and larger bags from it. On some of them you can see the brand, which should make the flag’s history visible.

We will bring along the upcycled bags to all the events where we have a booth – check out our calendar and grab them in exchange for a donation!






Vienna school 2022

Vienna school 2022

Vienna school 2022


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A YarnPride campaign
operated by queerMaschen & Allies, upcycled by

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